How to write a term paper proposal?

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There is a temptation to assume that proposals are only a requirement when you are writing a thesis or dissertation. Therefore, students always try to find how to write a term paper proposal.
The term paper proposal should have a title, a thesis statement, and a list of references; in this case, the list of reference should be an annotated bibliography.
The term paper proposal should also state the significance of the research question and who and how it will benefit the targeted audience.
This is how you have to write a term paper proposal:
a) Working title
Have a clear, informative, interesting and captivating title/topic, stating or describing what your term paper will investigate.
A better understanding of your topic helps to develop a more comprehensive topic.
b) Thesis statement
A thesis statement is that particular sentence that summarizes the focus of a research topic. It is important for the following:
It gives focus to the research
It gives the reader a guideline of how you have organized your work and raised arguments.
A good thesis statement bears the following characteristics:
Raises counter arguments from a reasonable number of people
It should have the capacity to blend in with the nature of the term paper assignment
Has a single main idea
States your position
Gives a rationale for a discussion
It is specific
How do you develop a thesis statement?
Brainstorm for possible issues that can be addressed by your topic
Narrow down to an interesting statement that will mist suitably give you the answers you want
Assert your position
State the variables under investigation
Assert your argument based on credible evidence
Revise your thesis statement to give more clarity, and point out factors that support your argument
c) Annotated bibliography
The term paper proposal must have a list of resources materials that you intend to use when writing your term paper.
The bibliography ought to be annotated because you have to state the relevance of the sources to the research.
The list of references should be at least 5, and should not exceed 20 years since the date of publication.
Due to differences in requirements by specific courses, consult with your instructor for clarity of instruction on the style to follow when writing a term paper proposal, the bibliography, and the complete term paper.